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Pictures - Christmas Stars

Now available in the Gallery - stills from this year's outstanding Christmas Production 'Christmas Stars'. This ambitious musical devised, written, produced and directed by Oakfield staff and featuring every single child from Year 1 to Year 4 incorporates music from the forthcoming concert at the O2 in which our older choir members will be singing on 29th January 2015, as well as Christmas material from 'Out of the Ark' music.

The thought-provoking storyline winds through an excerpt from Starlight Express, a variety of food-related songs, and a rock-along trip to the Christmas shops as Google attempts to answer the children's questions about the essential quality of Christmas Eve. Do the stars really shine more brightly on that special evening, and if so, why? Only the stars themselves can answer this and they take the children through a journey firstly with Nelson Mandela and  then  back 2,000 years to the birth of the person who inspired him in his fight against the injustice of the apartheid system - the child in the manger in Bethlehem.