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Oakfield is a Community School, so applications for both initial school entry and in-year entry are processed by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM).

Applications for in-year entry (where older children are moving between schools) must be made on the Common Application Form (CAF) provided by the Local Authority in which your child is currently at school. The form must be signed by your child's current Headteacher and returned to your existing Local Authority from which it will be forwarded to RBWM. Parents are welcome to telephone or e-mail the school directly to arrange a visit but all waiting lists are held at the Local Authority, and it is RBWM which allocates places.

Applications for initial school entry are also made on the CAF provided by your Local Authority. For the majority of Oakfield applicants this will be RBWM. We do receive applications from outside RBWM, but due to the popularity of the school, these are very rarely successful. The application window for September places in our Saplings (Foundation 2) Unit will open in November and close in January. Offer letters will be sent out by RBWM on the national primary school offer day and must be accepted by early May or else the place will be reallocated from the waiting list. If you are moving into the area and need a Foundation place, you are advised to contact RBWM immediately. Please note that no offers of school places can be made until you are resident within Windsor.

In line with national and RBWM policy, all children at Oakfield start school in the September prior to their fifth birthday and are entitled to a full reception (Foundation 2) year. We admit 60 children annually. Admission dates by birth are: 


Date of birth: 1st Sept 2016 - 31st Aug 2017      Entry: Sept 2021     Apply by: January 2021


Date of birth: 1st Sept 2017 - 31st Aug 2018      Entry: Sept 2022     Apply by: January 2022

For parents who may be interested in applying for a place for their child at Oakfield, 'Interested Parents' sessions which take place regularly throughout the year. Dates can be found in the school calendar and places should be booked with the school office. Parents meet with Mrs Hull for a short information session including a detailed explanation of the admissions procedure in Windsor before having an opportunity to tour the school with a Year 4 child.

Please contact us if you would like to book in for an 'Interested Parents' session.

Criteria for Allocating Places:
Oakfield is a Community School, and the allocation of our places is organised by RBWM according to criteria laid out in the admissions policy, which can viewed on their website.