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At Oakfield we pride ourselves in having various opportunities to engage in creative activities. From the beginning in the Foundation Stage, children are encouraged to be creative and explore artistic tools and materials. Often Art can be cross curricular and will emerge in other subjects such as Literacy, Maths, History and RE to name but a few adding to the enjoyment of producing Art work. At Oakfield we are fortunate to have the luxury of creating projects using clay and are able to fire the finished articles in the kiln onsite. Children have made various pieces of work from different topics and occasions such as Christmas trees, penguins following a trip to the Isle of Wight and Diva pots from the festival of Diwali.

We often have homework projects for the children to explore an area of interest where we tend to see some wonderful Art work created at home and is proudly displayed around the school. We have done a project on the Queens Jubilee where some fantastic Art was created and recently a project on Owls as we have owl at Oakfield as our mascot. The children were able to have a real life experience of an owl coming to the school to inspire them with their ideas. Below are some pictures of recent Art work on display around the school.