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Science is an area where the children are encouraged to develop an understanding of the world around them.  We foster scientific and investigative thinking and accurate observation.  We provide opportunities for experimentation and evaluative thought.  The school grounds are an excellent resource for work in environmental science and during year 3 there is a dedicated week for the study of the local school environment.  In contrast, year 4 can compare their knowledge gained during environmental week with the diverse environment of the Isle of Wight, which they visit for the residential trip.

Our aims in teaching Science are that all children will:

  • retain and develop their natural sense of curiosity and enjoyment about the world around them
  • develop a set of attitudes which will promote scientific ways of thinking, including open-mindedness, perseverance, objectivity and a recognition of the importance of teamwork
  • come to understand the nature of “scientific method” involving: meticulous observation, the making and testing of hypotheses, the design of fair and controlled experiments, the drawing of meaningful conclusions through critical reasoning and the evaluation of evidence
  • become effective communicators of scientific ideas, facts and data
  • begin to build up a body of scientific knowledge and understanding which will serve as a foundation for future enquiry


The programme of study is organised into four areas; scientific enquiry, life processes and living things, materials and their properties and physical processes.