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Through their progressive development in dance, gymnastics and games, the children improve co-ordination, to maintain agility and flexibility and to increase their stamina.  Enjoyment and a sense of achievement are encouraged, by involving children in individual and co-operative situations.  We have a heated shallow water pool and all the children from Foundation to Year 4 have swimming lessons during the summer.
Through sport we foster the children's co-operative and competitive skills in order to develop their sense of fair play and team spirit.  We encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking an active part in a wide variety of activities.  Children are introduced to Netball skills, Football, Short Tennis, Kwick Cricket, Unihoc, Rounders and Tag Rugby during games lessons.  Football, Netball, Tag Rugby, Multi-sports, Tri-golf and Julsar dance are also offered as after-school activities.  We are a 'Healthy School'.