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Pictures - Aladdin

Just released - stills from the exciting staff pantomime in which Aladdin met Google, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Matilda, two Scottish Pirates (one of whom actually came from London), two Christmas Stars,  Fairy Mary Berry of cake-making fame and her arch-rival Fairy Thatcher Cake Snatcher, two beautiful princesses (neither of whom wished to marry Aladdin, sadly), Elsa from 'Frozen', Jean and Knee of the lamp who together make magic, and a real live Christmas present with rapping skills. What did Aladdin and his mother the beautiful Widow Twankee do when the dreaded Ofwash Inspector came to inspect the Oakfield Laundry? How did the laundry workers, and especially the glamorous Laundry Assistant, outwit the intruder?

Parents, alas, will never know but the children described the show as 'the best ever '.