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Maths Week Report

It's Maths Week!  Here is what we have been doing.


On Monday morning, the group of Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 children named after the famous mathematician Ada Lovelace enjoyed the Maths Week session called One, Zoo, Three, Four.  Their task was to design a zoo, taking care to make sure all the animals had the correct amount of space in their enclosures, and that the zoo had enough toilets, cafes and shops.  This involved a lot of multiplication, which was done using times tables and then checked on calculators!


The remaining groups, Lewis Carroll, Mary Fairfax Sommerville, Emy Noether, Fibonacci, Alan Turing, Pythagoras and Isaac Newton enjoyed maths session through Art, PE, Science and Geography.


We were also grateful to have some expert hands from Cox Green School helping us out!