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Isle of Wight Updates

Daily updates on the Year 4's trip to the Isle of Wight will be available on the ticker tape (homepage), here in latest news and via Twitter.


Monday 14th May 2018

And they're off - full of excitement and anticipation our Year 4s left for their week long trip to the Isle of Wight this morning!


11.55am - they've made it!  After arriving safely on the island everyone is enjoying the sunshine.


5:50pm - they have all safely arrived at the hotel and are looking forward to dinner!


Tuesday 15th May 2018

After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast our intrepid year 4s and staff are heading out to the donkey sanctuary and Osborne House today.


3:30pm - All have had a great time seeing Snowy the donkey and had a picnic lunch at Osborne House. Currently at Osborne House Beach.


Wednesday 16th May 2018

9.30am - The children have all had another good night's sleep.  They're now heading out to catch the steam train, and will be rock pooling later.  The weather is a little overcast today.


2.30pm - The children all had a wonderful time at the Steam Train museum this morning and are now heading off to go rock pooling!


Thursday 17th May 2018

9.45am - Everyone has slept well again and all are in good spirits.  Sandcastle building yesterday was brilliant! 


The sun is shining this morning as they all head out to Alum Bay for more fun including a boat trip and a visit to the coloured sand shop! 


Friday 18th May 2018

10.15am - After another good night's sleep the children are a little tired after their busy week, but still happy.  They're all packed up and off to Robin Hill for the morning & lunch.


After catching the 4pm ferry their ETA in Windsor is 6.45pm, traffic permitting - any updates on this will be sent to you via Parent Text.


EATING ARRANGEMENTS FOR FRIDAY:  Some parents have asked about eating arrangements for the children on Friday as they travel back from the Isle of Wight, and in particular whether the children will need dinner after they return home.  The arrangements are that the children will have lunch, and then after that only snacks will be available.


See below for Thursday's photos from Alum Bay...