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Copy of Email to Children from Mrs Hull - sent 19/04/20

Dear Children

Hope you are all well and are keeping busy and are helping your parents out at home.

Your teachers have been very busy putting together activities that you can do at home in maths and English as well as other subject areas. I do hope that you have been enjoying them and trying hard to complete them as best as you can.

Many of the activities that are suggested are online, via the internet, and this reminded me of the importance of accessing information online safely. I know that Mr Bednar has taught you the important points we need to consider whilst online but I thought I would remind you of what they are.


See SID'S Top Tips below


There are many wonderful websites to access but we need to be really RESPONSIBLE when online. Ask your parents’ permission to follow the link below.

There are lots of advice and reminders about staying safe online for your age group on this website.


I am trying to be very RESILIENT at the moment as learning to crochet is proving very difficult and there have been times when I have wanted to give up. I have stuck with it and have learned the basics so I am now going to tackle a project. I will let you know how I get on.

As usual Roy says Hi. He is enjoying having us all at home and is being spoiled. His favourite activity, after chewing bones of course, is playing ball in the garden.


Here he is after a long morning playing catch  See Roy after a long morning playing catch below


Take care,

Mrs Hull x