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Bird Watch

Take a look at our bird camera with live feed to the library TV! Here, we hope you give you an update on the progress of our nesting neighbours...


DAY 1: Friday 22nd April, we have at least 6 eggs in the nest.


DAY 4: Monday 25th April, a clearer picture of 6 eggs in the nest.


DAY 5: Tuesday 26th April, our Great Tit can be seen in the left hand corner sitting in the nest, keeping those eggs warm.


DAY 7: Thursday 28th April, the parent bird/s have been busy making sure the nest is cosy and keeping the eggs warm in this cold weather.


DAY 8: Friday 29th April, the parent bird/s can be seen both outside on the tree in the sunshine and sitting on the nest. Can you spot him?


DAY 16: The eggs hatched over the weekend, we now have chicks. The parent birds are feeding them regularly and keeping them warm.


DAY 20: Wednesday 11th May, the chicks are getting bigger after being fed regularly, see picture below.  How many chicks can you see?


DAY 28: Thursday 19th May, the chicks are much bigger now and have lots of feathers.  We have the sound on the television so you can hear them constantly 'chirping' for more food!


DAY 32: Monday 23rd May, the chicks have grown so much over the past few days, some have already left, 3 more to go...


DAY 34: Wednesday 25th May, all of the birds have now flown the nest!