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Absence and Illness

Oakfield has an excellent pupil attendance record.  Parents are strongly discouraged from withdrawing pupils during term time for family holidays.  Unexplained absences are recorded as truancy and followed up by the Education Welfare Service.  Any absence must be explained in writing. 

A member of staff is always available to deal with the treatment of minor ailments, cuts and bruises, but in the event of a child being unwell and unable to remain at school, parents are always notified.  There are numerous qualified First Aiders on site.

Parents are requested to keep us updated on any changed of address or contact telephone numbers in case we need to contact them during the school day.

We are happy to administer medicines in school where children are completing a course of treatment.  Parents are asked to bring in the medication and take it home on a daily basis, and must fill in a form giving clear details of the dosage. If children need regular medication (usually asthmatic inhalers) these are kept in the school medical room and administered by the office staff.