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Childcare Vouchers

Use of Childcare Vouchers


Oakfield First School accept childcare vouchers but only for specified activities within the rules of the Government Childcare Voucher Scheme.


Childcare vouchers are only acceptable for the following eligible activities:

  • Breakfast Club
  • Tea Club


Childcare vouchers are not accepted for the following:

  • School lunches
  • Voluntary contribution
  • School trips during school hours or related to the school curriculum
  • Residential trips that take place away from the school’s registered premises.


Please be aware that, under HMRC rules, any overpayment of childcare vouchers cannot be refunded directly to parents due to the tax benefits received on purchase.


Oakfield First School’s Extended Schools, Breakfast and Tea Club, is set up with a number of different childcare voucher agencies including; Edenred, Care-4, Kiddivouchers, RG Childcare  ComputerShare Voucher Services and many more.


The school’s Edenred school number is P20404640.

The school's Sodexo provider ID is 219058.


For further queries please email the Finance team at clubs.oakfield@rbwm.org.uk