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Meet The Team

Academic Year 2017 - 2018

Teaching Staff
Headteacher Mrs S Hull  

Assistant Headteacher

and Inclusion Manager

Miss J Hathaway  
Senior Teachers Miss P Hill  Mrs L Hart
Teachers Mrs A Adamson Mrs A Manwaring
  Mrs A Baxendale Miss S Mulholland
  Mr J Bednar Mrs R Rai
  Miss V Garius Mrs C Turrall
  Miss A Ibrahim Mrs C Usherwood (Maternity)
  Mrs R Issitt Mrs J Walters

Support Staff
School Business Manager Mrs B Corr  
Office Manager Mrs L Hejsak  
Office Assistants Mrs K Rodgers Mrs H Whittingham
Finance Officer Mrs A Pemberton  
Extended School Admin Officer Mrs H Whittingham  
Senior HLTA Team Leader Mrs A Smith  
Higher Level Teaching Assistants Mrs T Blundell Mrs K Smith
Teaching Assistants Miss B Hudson Mrs H Wilkinson
  Mrs G Peryer Mrs J Knaggs
  Mrs L Godfrey Mrs S Elderfield
  Mrs L Biddulph-Dunlop (Maternity) Miss H Dean
  Mrs D Meakes Miss H Odell
  Mr M Taylor Mrs P Owona
  Miss A Lay Mrs A Khan
  Mrs T Khan Mrs P Scrimgeour
  Mrs K Middleton  
Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) Miss A Lay  
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs B Odell  
Lunchtime Supervisors Mr W Alner Mrs A Rutland
  Mrs P Crawford Mrs J Stevenson
  Mrs C Devlin Mr M Taylor
  Miss D Gibbs Mrs J Toleti
  Miss E Langley Miss K Voronko
  Miss K Locke Mrs S Whelan
  Mrs Z Parveen  
Breakfast and Tea Club Leaders Mrs J Stevenson Mrs B Odell
Breakfast and Tea Club Staff Mrs D Meakes Miss H Odell
  Mr W Alner Mrs J Knaggs
  Mrs J Brooks Mrs P Owona
  Miss S Stevenson

Mrs K Middleton

Miss E Langley

Site Manager Mr P Linton  
Site Controller Mr T Powell  
School Cooks (Caterlink) Ms S Shayed Ms S Small
  Ms D Brown  

Information on our Governing Board members can be found at: http://www.oakfieldfirstschool.org.uk/meet-the-governors/