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Year 2 Adventure Evening

An evening to remember!


Torches, coats and wellies at the ready, it’s time for an ADVENTURE!!

Imagine the scene; it was five minutes to six on a Friday evening in October, the clouds were gathering and the dark was setting in. All that was heard was the crackling of the campfire outside and the scent of sausages and beans wafting through the school; it could only mean one thing...Year 2 Adventure Evening!


Teachers and Teaching Assistants planned and coordinated a variety of activities for the children to do; not forgetting Oakfield’s Site Controller, Mr Linton, who took the children on a walk around the grounds searching for animals and insects. The children had an amazing evening filled with enjoyment and adventure (and plenty of hot chocolate!!).

There were three tasks to be done:

Blind folded obstacle course (with Miss Garius) where the children were paired up to help complete the course whilst picking up and guessing letters on the way round to reveal a special word.

Treasure hunt (with Mrs Hull) using descriptive language children had to go around the grounds finding different objects that fit the description they were given and fill their special boxes.

Animal trail (with Mr Linton) where children found all sorts of animals and insects around the school whilst Mr Linton told them stories of exciting animals he has seen.

Once the children (and adults) were tired out we all headed to the dining room to fill our rumbling bellies with sausages, jacket potatoes and beans. The Teachers and Teaching Assistants were on hand with the drinks and plenty more food!

Now that tummies were pleasantly full everyone headed over to the fantastic campfire that Mr Linton had set up for us to sit around and sip hot chocolate whilst Mrs Sendorek taught some campfire songs; the children’s favourite was ‘Ging Gang Goolie’.


Once the songs and hot chocolate were finished it was time to go home. It was a thoroughly successful evening for both adults and children and everyone went away happy and inspired by adventure!