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Windsor Great Park

Our Trip to Windsor Great Park.

During our visit to Windsor Great Park we explored some fantastic stalls and had lots of fun doing different activities.




We met a horse called Monty who was used to pull logs through the forest. He was very strong and very well trained to do his job. The owner informed us that to him, pulling a log is like pulling a matchstick.


We watched a demonstration with some Labrador retrievers. They were all very well trained. They demonstrated retrieving objects, in turn, as their names were called.


In the building area, we each had a turn at glazing a window. There were also lots of other activities to have a go at. There was a plumbing activity, in which we could watch rubber ducks going through the system and we also had a go at peddling a bike. This was no ordinary bike though; we had to peddle fast, in order to generate enough electricity to light a light bulb!

A man showed us how to thatch a roof and we all had a turn ourselves. It was much harder than it looked! Then we went on to have a go at tiling a roof.


In the farm area we met a very friendly pig and her ten piglets. Unfortunately the piglets were all asleep at the time. As you can see from the picture, the mother pig was checking on her piglets before coming back for more fuss and attention from the crowd.  


We also got to meet some Jersey cows; they were much more timid than the other animals so we had to be careful not to scare them. The farmer told us all about looking after them and the process of milking a cow.


Despite the weather we thoroughly enjoyed our day at Windsor Great Park!


Our Favourite Parts!


My favourite part of the day was when we went to the farm.

By Cerys.


It was great! All of the country felt great and the ice cream at the end of the farm tasted delicious, even if it was a bit wet!

By Willow.


My favourite part of the day was the farm because we got to stroke a lamb.

By Louis.


My favourite part of the day was when we stroked the woolly lambs, the cute dogs, the calm horse and the Jersey cows. I loved eating the ice-cream.

By Eisha.


My favourite part of the day was the plumbing. There were also lots of other things to do there.

By George C.


The Great Park was really good. The farm was the best with all the pigs, cows and sheep. It was amazing!

By Hannah.


My favourite part of the day was watching the trees being chopped down.

By Phoebe.