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Week Commencing 9th June 2014 - Commotion in the Ocean


This week we have learnt some new friendly letter sounds and these have been: ‘ue’ as in rescue ‘ue’ as in glue and ‘ure’, as in pure. This concludes Stage 3 sounds and this will be as far as we go in Foundation! The children will start to learn new phonics sounds when they enter year 1. For the rest of this term we will be doing lots of revision of sounds that we have learnt throughout the year and focus on lots of segmenting, blending and reading simple sentences as well as attempting to write some words.



This week we have been revising subtraction as this is a difficult concept to grasp. The children have been answering number problems and using strategies such as their fingers as a tool, knowledge of number facts such as halves and bonds to 10 to aid their working out.

We have also been looking at ordering numbers from 0-20, counting up to 100, counting in 2,s, 5’s and 10’s.



The children have been doing various writing activities this week to encourage their writing development. Some children have been doing dictation and writing simple sentences, some have been forming letters using paint and some have been practising writing some of the high frequency words on laminated sheets.

The children have also been learning how to use a dictionary which links with our phonics sessions and their knowledge of the alphabet. The children really enjoy using the dictionaries and reading the definitions when they have found the word.

Commotion in the Ocean

This week we have focussed on the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by Giles Andreae. The children have been busy getting creative and making lots of sea creatures inspired by the book to put up on the display board. We had lots of paintings including dolphins, starfish and octopuses. The children experimented using different media and made some collages using tissue paper and colouring in some fish using pencils. With the painting, some children used the end of the brush to add some dots to their pictures. Here we are busy at work!

Fun in the Sun

As the weather has been nice, we have been going outside and making the most of the sunshine! Last week in Golden Time we went outside to play some parachute games and had a great time!


Please ensure that your child has their complete PE kit in school on Monday next week. We will be practising for Sports Day on Wednesday and they will definitely need kit for then. All children must have plimsolls or trainers to wear.