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Week Commencing 9th December 2013 - Christmas

Here are all the activities we have been doing in Ash...

This week we have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas Celebration which takes place next Wednesday. Speakers have been practising loud voices to be heard and we are doing very well with our singing and sound wonderful. We went onto the stage for the very first time and were excellent! We are very much looking forward to performing our show to everyone next Wednesday afternoon!
 This week’s sounds are: ‘l’ ‘ll’ ‘le’ and ‘ss’. We have been learning about ‘friendly letters’ which are sounds that are made up of more than one sound. We have learnt lots of these now and have been revising them this week. Friendly letters learnt so far are ‘ck’, ‘ff’, ‘ll’ ‘le’ and ‘ss’. We have been looking at where we find these sounds and discovered they are usually in the middle or the end of words and not at the beginning. We have learnt all of Stage 1+ phonics this term using the Floppy’s Phonics programme and are doing really well with recognising sounds and blending sounds in words. We will recommence phonics after the Christmas holiday.
This week the focus stories have been ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. Mrs Turrall had the cuddly toys of the Gruffalo’s child and the mouse which we used to retell the story and Nathan kindly brought in his toy of the Gruffalo so we could use that as well! We have been busy learning the Gruffalo’s Song and watching the animation of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child which we really enjoyed. We have also been making our very own Gruffalo masks and pretending to be the Gruffalo!
This week we have been learning to count up to 70 using the 100 square. We have revised adding up two groups and have done a lot of Christmas maths using presents with numbers on to put in the right order and putting baubles on the tree using careful counting. We have been continuing to learn about positional language and describing where objects are. We have used a few computer programs on the interactive whiteboard where we had to move something by listening to the instructions or by moving arrow keys. If you want to play these games at home click on the links below.
Other Activities
This week we have been starting to do a lot of activities to do with Christmas. Firstly we decorated our classroom to make it nice and Christmassy! We did this by painting the window white and then making some snowflakes and snowmen to decorate the window.

We also made lots of paper chains to hang from the ceiling in the classroom!

Children’s Ideas
The children wanted to change the role play corner into a Toy Shop to fit in with Christmas time, they pretended to be the elves to help make the toys! Some of the children acted out being shop keepers and selling the toys to their friends. There were some shopping lists on a table to encourage children to write a wish list of toys they would like for Christmas and some children chose to do this activity and did it very nicely.
Other Notices
Christmas Lunch and FoO Christmas Fair – Tuesday 17th December
Saplings Christmas Celebration – Wednesday 18th December 2.30pm (See office for tickets)
Break up for Christmas Holiday – Friday 20th December at 2pm
That’s it for this term! Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We will see you on Monday 6th January 2014!