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Week Commencing 6th January 2014 - Noah's Ark

Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely holiday and a good rest. The children have come back with lots of energy ready to do lots of learning this term! This week we have been getting ourselves back into the routine of the day and reminding ourselves of all the Golden Rules. However, Ash children have been excellent this week and have come back with a positive attitude and have already earned themselves 4 marbles for the class reward jar for fantastic listening and participation in lessons. The children now each have their own individual sticker charts for personal achievements which they are very excited about and everyone already has at least one sticker on their chart already.
 This week’s sounds are: ‘j’ ‘v’ and ‘w’. We are now learning Stage 2 sounds which is the next stage on from what we were doing last term. We are also going to start learning Phase 3 Red words as we are getting very confident at recognising the Phase 2 Red Words. We have also been revising segmenting sounds in words which is hearing which sounds make up a word. For example the word dog, the children would need to break that down to say d-o-g. We will be practising this for the next few weeks as the children are confident at hearing the blends of sounds in words and now they need to be able to segment the words independently.
This week the focus story turned out to be ‘Noah’s Ark’ because of all the rain that we had been getting, it seemed quite appropriate! This story promoted lots of discussion about God and all the animals that existed on the Earth. The children learnt the song ‘The animals went in 2 by 2’ and our favourite part was the hippopotamus getting stuck in the door!
This week we have started to look at writing in more detail. We will be increasing writing activities and opportunities this term to encourage the children to write more independently. The children have really enjoyed choosing to write on the whiteboards and have had picture cards with simple words on to copy themselves. When the children had written a word, they were asked to tell what word they had written to check comprehension and reinforce reading skills.

Here are some pictures of us doing some writing:
This week we have been revising how to rote count as we were getting very good at this before Christmas. We had got up to 70 but the children were keen to try and get up to 100 so we have been counting up to 100! We have also started to look at counting in 2’s this week and this will continue to be practised during the term.
We have also been looking at sorting objects into groups and discussing how we can do this. The children have been coming up with their own ideas for sorting objects which has been a good problem solving exercise. They have worked in partners to decide how they are going to group their object which has been a good partner talk opportunity.
Other Activities
As part of looking at the story of Noah’s Ark, we decided to try and make our very own paper boats! We all sat in a circle and had to listen carefully to Mrs Turrall’s instructions so we could all follow what we had to do. It was a good listening exercise and helped us with following instructions. Some of us found it difficult to do but we are learning to have a go rather than say ‘I can’t do it’ and if we really struggle we are learning to ask for help.
Once we had made our boats, we made some predictions of what we thought might happen to them when we put them in water. This was a great science activity and we had a lot of fun testing them. When we realised the boats wouldn’t last long in the water as they were made of paper, it got us thinking what else we could put into the water to see if it made a good boat. The activity was taken outside and the children took charge of the activity and got buckets of water to fill the water tray. They had discussions between them whether or not they had enough water and added more if they thought the boats wouldn’t float. The children got some cardboard to test and then found out that although it is thicker, eventually that will sink too as in effect cardboard is also paper! Ash had a lot of fun testing this out. Here are some pictures of us doing this activity below: