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Week Commencing 3rd March 2014 - Pancake Day

This week we have continued to learn more names of the letters along with the sound and those letters were: ‘I’ ‘N’ ‘M’ and ‘D’. We have continued to learn the alphabet song and the order that the letters go in. When singing the alphabet we have been remembering that we are saying the names of the letters and not the sounds. Alongside learning capital letters, we have been revising all the sounds using Alphablocks on CBeebies and blending words with the Alphablocks characters. We have also started to do shared reading on the smartboard using an eBook on Bug Club, learning about sentence structure and where we find capital letters and full stops.

This week we have continued to attempt writing independently using our writing books to write a sentence about our weekend news. The children are quickly picking up where to use a capital letter and full stop and remembering to put a finger space in between words to make sure it is clear to read. The children are enjoying having their own writing books and are keen to have a go. Some of the children are motivated about writing and have chosen to write in their choosing time and the development of the writing is lovely to see.

Some children have started to do dictation activities where they attempt to listen and hold a sentence they are told and then write it down on a whiteboard. Some children have also been attempting to write CVC words such as c-a-t. Here are some pictures of our writing progression: