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Week Commencing 29th September 2014 - Goldilocks Hunt

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Holly class! The children are now particpating in more focus lessons and this is what we have achieved so far:



Our focus story for the past 2 weeks has been ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We have continued working on this story from as the children have been so engaged in the tasks that have been set. For the first week we looked at emotions and tried a new activity called ‘hot seating’. Some children volunteered to get into character and sat in the chair to pretend to be either Goldilocks, Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear or Baby Bear. The children were encouraged to ask the character questions about what they were thinking and feeling about what had happened.


The children were really excited to make a ‘Wanted’ poster to search for the runaway Goldilocks. These are on display around the school! The children are hoping Golidlocks will be found so that they can ask why she went into the Bears house!


Last week we were informed that there had been a sighting of Goldilocks in our school field! We turned into detectives to go and explore the outside area and guess what...we found some evidence that Goldilocks had left behind! We each had a log book to record our findings which were: a bowl of porridge, a broken chair, a blanket and a bow from her hair. When we got back to class we labelled our pictures and recorded all the evidence to give to the ‘police’.

Next we decided how we could cheer Baby Bear up. The children had some great suggestions such as ‘fix Baby Bear’s chair’, ‘clean Baby Bear’s bed’ and ‘make Baby Bear some more porridge’. The children liked the idea of making Baby Bear some porridge so they all wrote Baby Bear an invitation to come to Holly class to eat some delicious porridge. The children are hoping to hear from Baby Bear soon to see if he can make it. In anticipation that Baby Bear does come to Oakfield, Holly class have been preparing just in case! We wrote shopping lists of all the ingredients we would need to make porridge.


We were very lucky to receive a letter from Baby Bear in our register after lunch on Friday! It said thank you for the invitation to come and eat porridge and that he would very much like to come but was a little bit shy. We got busy making porridge for ourselves and we made a bowl for Baby Bear and left it in the classroom when we left to go home. First thing Monday morning an empty bowl of porridge and a note saying ‘Thank you’ was left on Mrs Turrall’s chair!

We are looking forward to our next focus story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.



So far the children have been learning which pairs make 5 such as; 3 + 2, 4 + 1, 5 + 0, and also pairs that make 6 such as; 3 + 3, 4 + 2, 5 + 1, 6 + 0. We are all learning how to make pairs to 10 (number bonds) and are using our fingers as a learning resource. We are starting to look at doubles of numbers e.g. 1 + 1, 2 + 2, 3 + 3 etc. We are continuing to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Here are some pictures of us engaged in Maths actvities:


Our Science topic for this half term is ‘Our Body and Our Senses’. The children have been excited by this topic and so far we have focussed on the parts of the face and sketched our faces. This week we have played ‘Simon Says’ and pointing to different body parts. We also drew around each other on a large piece of paper and then labelled all the parts of the body. This was great fun!


Linking to our science topic on ‘Our Body’ we have been looking at portraits. We looked at some famous artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh and the portraits that they had created. We were given many different materials such as chalk, pastels, paint, colouring pencils and crayons and some large sheets of sugar paper. We rotated around each material and had a go at drawing a portait of ourselves on the paper and decided which material we liked the best. We walked around to see what everyone else had created as well. Here are some pictures of us experimenting with the materials:

NSPCC Challenge

We completed our NSPCC workout in a PE lesson and all forms have been sent home to collect any sponsorship money. Each activity could earn 25 points.  Here we are enjoying the activities.

Please check back soon for more updates!