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Week Commencing 28th April 2014 - Minibeasts


This week in phonics we have started to look at Stage 3 sounds in more detail. We are now looking at what we like to call ‘friendly sounds’ which is a unit of sound that is made up from individual sounds that we have learnt before. This week’s sounds have been ‘ai’, ‘ee’ and ‘igh’. The children are learning little mnemonics to accompany these sounds to help them remember them. E.g. ‘ai snail in the rain. We have looked at blending words with these sounds in, attempting to spell words by using the interactive whiteboard and also writing them on the whiteboard.



In Maths this week we have been revising counting in 2’s and 10’s and have started to learn counting in 5’s. We have also revised our number bonds to 10 using rhymes to help us.

A new topic introduced this week has been capacity. The children have been trying to learn the word capacity and lots of language to describe how full or empty a container is. We have looked at words such as ‘full’, ‘half-full’, ‘nearly full’, ‘nearly empty’ or ‘empty’. The children have been experimenting with water and describing how much liquid is in their container. We have also looked at things like rubbish bins, pencil pots and the jumper basket to describe what we see.




New Topic – All Creatures Great and Small

This term we are looking at ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and to start us off we read the book ‘Mad About Minibeasts’ by Giles Andraee. This got us very excited about all the activities that we could do. Firstly the home corner was transformed into a glorious Bug House with lots of insects (pretend of course!) in trays to look at with magnifying glasses. We had lots of information cards and pictures to look at as well whilst inside the Bug House.




We have been looking at fact cards about minibeasts and looking at clips on the internet to learn more about these fascinating creatures. We have also learnt a few songs about a wiggly worm, snails and not forgetting Incy Wincy!

The most exciting part of the week was going on a Bug Hunt. We were lucky enough to go exploring in the newly reformed pond area and really enjoyed spotting minibeasts. We managed to spot a ladybird, a butterfly, a slug, a woodlouse, an ant, a spider and a leaf bug.





For creative activities we decided to make some 3D minibeasts of our own. The first thing we had do was make the body of the minibeast by using a balloon and Paper Mache which was very messy but fun! We are waiting for them to completely dry before we start to paint them. So here are some pictures of stage 1!




We have also been making some bug masks, tracing minibeasts and playing Minibeast bingo! There are plenty more activities that can be done and we shall continue the topic next week.




That’s it for this week!