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Week Commencing 27th January 2014 - Chinese New Year

 This week’s sounds are: ‘ng’ ‘ve’ and ‘wh’. We have been looking at the red words ‘was’ ‘are’ ‘you’ and ‘they’. We have focussed more on the friendly letters this week as these become trickier to remember. We have done lots of activities with the ‘ch’ ‘sh’ and ‘th’ sounds to really get to know these sounds well.
In Literacy this week we have been focussing on the story of ‘Lanterns and Firecrackers’ which is all about Chinese New Year. We have been looking at Chinese pictures and discussing what is different to what we have in our country. Read on to see what other activities we have done to do with Chinese New Year...
This week we have continued to do some write in our handwriting books. This week’s ‘family of letters’ were: ‘c’ ‘a’ ‘d’ ‘o’ and ‘s’.
This week lots of us have been taking part in Guided Group Reading and this will be happening more regularly now. Guided Reading is where a group of children share the same text and take it in turns to read a page or describe a page each in the book whilst being guided by an adult. Throughout the book the children are asked questions by the adult to get them to predict and comprehend what they are reading.

This week we have been continuing to look at time and half looked at o’clock and half past the hour. We have continued to learn our days of the week song to do our calendar each day and have learnt a song about the months of the year. We have been learning which month our birthday is in as well.

As well as this we have continued to learn to count in 2’s and have been revising one more and one less than a given number. We have been using our listen skills to take it in turns to count up to 30 with each person in the circle saying a number until we reach the end.

As part of Chinese New Year we have had a look at Chinese numbers and have had a go at trying to paint them. Here we are having a go at Chinese numbers. It was quite tricky!
In PE this week we got creative and danced along to some Chinese music using dragon masks and colourful ribbons. We made a long line for our dragon like people in China do when they do their dragon dances. The ribbons were fun to swirl about high and low to the rhythm of the music. Here we are doing our Chinese dancing...
Chinese New Year Activities
As well as some of the activities already mentioned, we have been very busy learning all about Chinese New Year and engaging in lots of fun activities. We have had Chinese colouring pages, made Chinese lanterns and read the story of ‘The Great Race’ to learn about the animals in the Chinese calendar. The main attraction for a lot of us was the home corner turning into a Chinese Takeaway! We had a lot of fun taking orders of Chinese food and attempting to write down the words for all the dishes. We had fun pretending to make Chinese food including noodles and then trying to ‘eat’ them using chopsticks! We had a slight advantage with the chopsticks as Mrs Wilkinson had shown us the chopsticks earlier in the week and had ‘The Chopstick Challenge’ to see if we could learn to use them and pick up as many cubes as we could!
Here are some lovely pictures of us all enjoying the activities...
This week the children asked to have the laptops out during free play time. The laptops were set up for them to use and they had remembered a lot of skills that were taught last time. The children enjoy using the laptops and are becoming very confident in using them. The children were good at sharing and caring the laptops.
Other Activities
Although we have been looking at Chinese New Year this week, our topic for the term is ‘Let’s Travel’ and we still managed to fit in a fun activity to do with that as well! On Tuesday afternoon, we went out in small groups and we each had a traffic spotter sheet to see what we could see travelling on the road or what was nearby. When we came back into school we were very excited to share what we had seen. Here we are enjoying spotting the transport and objects on our sheets...
Bounce for Books
On Friday we Bounced for Books! Thank you to everyone who sponsored us to bounce, we had great fun and look forward to receiving lots of lovely new books to read.
That’s it for this week!
Please ensure the children are reading their reading books daily, no more than 15 minutes is required. The children are making excellent progress in reading and by reading with your child at home you are helping them to succeed.
Thank you