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Week Commencing 27th April 2015

Painting Mrs Sendorek

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to do a real life portrait of Mrs Sendorek. We studied the features of the face carefully and discussed colours so that we were able to make a true representation of Mrs Sendorek. She was very pleased with all of the finished articles!


In English we have been learning our alphabet and how we can use this knowledge to look up words we want to spell in a dictionary. The children really enjoy using the dictionaries. These are now available for them to use freely at their tables during English lessons to give them confidence in spelling harder words when writing.


Our Science topic for this term is all about animals. So far we have been looking at animals and their young and the structure and features of animals. We will be going on to learn about what classification an animal belongs to (E.g. amphibian, reptile, mammal etc)

We have been lucky to have been given some tadpoles to study in our classroom and watch how they transform. We will be looking at the lifecycle of a frog in a future lesson.


Our History topic this term will be looking at famous people from the past with a focus on Florence Nightingale. When we have studied why Florence was famous, we will also be looking at another forgotten heroine, Mary Seacole. The children will be looking at similarities between the two nurses and will be given the opportunity to participate in role play.



We are lucky this term to be given the chance to participate in free football sessions. The children have already started these and are enjoying them so far. Our PE consists of ball games this term and we are also learning how to play cricket. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school so that they are able to participate in these exciting games.


That’s it for now! Please check back soon.