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Week Commencing 26th January 2015


This week we ventured outside for the first time to try out our skills that we have been learning in the hall. With more space outside, it was much easier to practice our hockey skills and we are getting very good at controlling the ball using the hocking stick. Soon we will be having a go at playing a match!


In History we have been learning about castles. The children have been really enjoying this topic and this week we had a go at sketching our own castles in Art. The children used a special sketching pencil to do their drawings and took their time to try and remember the features of a castle to include in their picture.


In computing the children have been learning about algorithms and programming the Bee Bot to perform a set of instructions. The children are enjoying these sessions that are led by Mr Sendorek.


This week in Science we continued to look at plants. This week we focussed on looking at deciduous and evergreen trees. We went for a walk outside to collect some leaves that had fallen from the trees in the school grounds. We also looked for evergreen trees and we came across a holly bush! The children brought their collection of leaves back to the classroom to investigate with a magnifying glass and then look closely at a tree identification sheet to see if they had found any leaves that matched the tree on their sheet.

This week the children have been working really hard and behaviour has been very good, therefore Holly class have completed our class reward system of Mr Potato head and will be receiving a special treat next week. It is a particularly interesting arrangement of Mr Potato head this time!

That’s it for now, please check back soon!