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Week Commencing 25th November 2013 - The Gingerbread Man

This weeks sounds are: ‘ck’ ‘e’ ‘u’ ‘r’. We have discussed about all the different ‘c’ ‘k’ ‘ck’ sounds and where we will find them. The emphasis on the ‘ck’ sound is that it is one sound and not two. We have revised all our red words and we have now looked at all Phase 2 red words which are: ‘into’ ‘no’ ‘the’ ‘I’ ‘go’ ‘of’ ‘to’ ‘a’. We have also been looking at Floppy’s Phonics guided reading books with the sounds we have learnt so far.

This week the focus story has been ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We did shared reading as a class with the big book and all joined in with the familiar parts of the story. We had masks of the characters from the story and we acted them out in groups, retelling the story.

This week we have been learning to count up to 50 using the 100 square. We have revised one more and one less than a given number, going up to 20 and also adding two groups together to find the total. The new topic this week was 3D shape and we learnt to identify 3D shapes. We discussed that some 2D shapes have 2D shapes on them as well and we revised the 2D shapes as well. We learnt that 2D shapes are ‘flat’ and 3D shapes are ‘solid’.
Children’s Ideas
As part of our featured story ‘The Gingerbread Man’, the children helped to brainstorm some ideas of what they would like to do. This included, decorating some gingerbread men, painting gingerbread men, pretend cooking gingerbread using the playdough and making real gingerbread men.
Making Gingerbread Men!
This week to go alongside our story of the week, we did some cooking to make our very own gingerbread man. We had great fun learning how to make gingerbread and learnt words such as ‘ingredients’ and ‘recipe’. We all helped to weigh out the ingredients and add them to the bowl. We used our hands to make the dough and then each rolled out our own piece to cut out the gingerbread shape! We finished them off with raisons and they looked great!
Other Activities
This week we have started to think about Christmas time and talked about Advent and why we have Advent. From this discussing we looked at Advent calendars and the reason that we have them at Christmas. We started to make our very own Advent calendar ready to count down to Christmas by making handprints to make a Christmas tree! Each day a bauble will be turned to see whose picture is on the calendar!
That’s it for this week!