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Week Commencing 24th March 2014 - Mum's into School/Earth Balloon

This week we have been very busy preparing for the Mother’s Day Assembly and learning lines, songs, a poem, making cards and making a banner! The children did spectacularly well and Mrs Turrall, Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Lewis are immensely proud of all the children as I’m sure all the Mum’s were too!

This week we have continued to learn more names of the letters along with the sound and those letters were: ‘B’ ‘F’ ‘L’ and ‘J’. We have continued to learn our alphabet song and know the order of the letters. We had a fun activity to participate in this week as we are more confident with the letter names now. We each had a piece of ‘clothing’ with a letter name on and had to come and peg it on the washing line when it was the turn of our letter. This was good fun and we managed to get all the letters in the correct alphabetical order!
In Literacy this week we focussed on the story of ‘Five Little Men’. We already knew the song but didn’t really know what the men flew away from. We looked at the big book as a class and it showed some detailed pictures of planet Earth and the pollution and rubbish that can be found. This led on nicely to a conversation on how we can look after our environment and recycling materials. This tied in nicely with Earth Hour that Oakfield encouraged people to get involved with at the weekend. The children were enthusiastic about recycling and were careful to through paper in the correct bin when tidying up. This theme followed on nicely for Mum’s into School Day which you can read more about below!

This week we have revised counting up to 100 and also counting in 2’s and 10’s. The children had been getting confused with how to say the ‘teen’ numbers and then the ‘ty’ numbers when counting in 10’s so we have been going over the difference of those numbers.
We have continued to look at addition and subtraction and looking carefully at the instruction that the number sentence is telling us to make sure that we work out the answer correctly.

Mother’s Day Cards and Banner
We have been secretly busily making our Mum’s a special Mother’s Day card using our hands to create a masterpiece. We also made a big banner for our Mother’s Day Assembly that was a colourful backdrop. We hope that you liked your special card and handmade banner!
Mum’s into School Day
On Friday 28th March we welcomed the Mum’s into school for the day. After a fabulous start with the assembly by the children, we went back into the classroom to do a brief phonics session and then continued with our Recycling/Caring for the Environment theme. Children had been bringing in materials from home all week ready to do a bit of their own unique recycling in the form of making models. The children had been very excited about doing this and many different models were created. Here are a few pictures of Mums and children in action!
It was lovely to have all the Mum’s in for the day, we hope they all enjoyed the day as much as we did.
The Earth Balloon
We were lucky to be able to have the Earth Balloon on loan which tied in nicely with our talk on helping our planet. The Earth Balloon was certainly a sight to see filling up the entire school hall! We were able to go inside for a short while and see which countries we could spot around us and be amazed by how much water is actually surrounding us on Earth. It was a really cool experience!
That’s it for this week!
More e-Books will be available on Bug Club during the school holidays as an optional reading extra. The School ID is: aqm9. If you have forgotten your username and password, please see Mrs Turrall.
Please be aware that we break up for the Easter Holiday on Friday 4th April at 2pm.
There will be no Tea Club facility on this day.

Thank you