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Week Commencing 24th February 2014 - Saplings Go Flying

We are back after a well deserved rest and have already got straight back into learning! Here is what we have been doing in Ash this week...

This term we are going to be learning the names of the letters. As we now know all the sounds of the letters which is important for decoding words, we are now starting to look at capital letters and the sounds they make when we come across them in sentences. We have started to look at reading simple sentences, focussing on the capital letter at the beginning as this is linking closely with our focus on writing sentences. We look at flash cards with the capital and lower case letter and say ‘The S that says s’. We are going back to the starting order that we learnt the sounds so this week we have learnt ‘S’ ‘A’ ‘T’ and ‘P’. We have started to learn the alphabet song using Floppy’s Phonics which is a slightly different version to the usual ABC as it helps with the difficult ‘L M N O P’ part that can sometimes be difficult to get our mouths to say quickly! Ask the children if they are able to sing it to you at home.



This term we are focussing even more on writing and encouraging the children to start attempting to use their sound knowledge to write words. A lot of writing modelling has been done during the phonics sessions to show the children where the capital letters appear and we have also talked about the importance of a full stop. Using the Bug Club programme, we have looked at the difference of captions and sentences by noticing the features of a sentence e.g. capital letter, full stop, more words that give us some information.

As part of our writing this week we have been preparing tickets for our flight by writing the name of our chosen destination on the ticket. We have also singed our passports with our names and wrote a luggage label for our baggage.

This week we have revised counting in 2’s and have started to learn how to count in 10’s. The children are enjoying learning new ways of counting.

We have revised addition this week and have continued to learn how to add numbers together with the use of our handy tool ‘the fingers.’

This week we have started to learn about number bonds to 10 which are all the different ways we can make 10 using 2 numbers e.g. 0 + 10, 9 + 1, 2 + 8, 7 + 3, 4 + 6, 5 + 5. The children have been learning some fun rhymes to help them remember these number facts and we have played a game on the smartboard called ‘Save the Whale’ where we have been testing our new knowledge of number bonds. You can play this game at home by clicking the link below:

This terms topic is ‘The World Around Us’ and we have done a planning brain storm as a class to get some ideas of which areas we can cover. Already we have thought about looking at different countries and learning about traditions, looking at different languages, learning about animals around the world, different games that people play, looking at and growing plants. To start off the topic, we looked at some pictures of people around the world wearing different dress and discussed in talk partners what we could see that is different to what we are used to. This sparked a great discussion about some knowledge that we already knew and lead on to us wanting to see some videos of dances from different countries. We watched Russian dancing, Flamenco dancing, Bollywood dancing and Austrian dancing. We also watched a video of Scottish people playing the bagpipes as we found those quite an interesting instrument. Here we are looking at the pictures of the traditional dress worn in various countries:



Sapling’s go Flying!
Of course this week we were very excited to be going on our flight to our chosen destination. All week we have been preparing for our flight making our passports, tickets and luggage labels. On Thursday we arrived excitedly with our luggage and teddy bears ready to fly. It was a great experience as we went through passport control, security and put our bags in the hold. The hall was transformed to resemble a real aircraft with an aisle and rows of seats. We were greeted when we got on board by the pilot and then shown to our seats. We took off over our town of Windsor and once in the air, had a delicious refreshment of juice and a biscuit and enjoyed an in flight movie. When we landed, we got off at our chosen destination and enjoyed spending time with our teddies having fun. Sadly, our trip had to come to an end and all too soon we had to board the plane and come back to our classes. We had a great time on our flight and a good time was had by all. Here are some pictures of us on our flight:
We are looking forward to continuing this topic and if there is anything at home that you would like to share from a family tradition or your religion, it would be lovely to see different things e.g. clothing or perhaps try different foods.

Please let Mrs Turrall know if you would like to come in and share anything or send your child with things (that are not precious!) for us to look at. Many thanks.

That’s it for this week!