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Week Commencing 20th January 2014 - Alien's Love Underpants

 This week’s sounds are: ‘qu’ ‘ch’ ‘sh’ and ‘th’. We have been looking at the red words ‘she’ ‘he’ ‘me’ ‘be’ and ‘we’. We have been revising all the sounds learn so far as well as learning how to segment sounds in words e.g. dog, segmented d-o-g. The children are becoming more confident at hearing sounds in words and also blending them more easily when they are faced with new words.
In Literacy this week we have looked at two different stories. One of them has been ‘The Train Ride’ which links nicely with our topic for this term on ‘Let’s Travel’. We had a pretend train set up in the Saplings garden where we could act out parts of the story. As we were keen on looking at space last week, this continued this week and we read the story ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’. From this story we did a brainstorm of all the ideas we would like to do and one of the activities was making our own pants! When they were made we hung them on the washing line! Here are some pictures of us making our pants:
This week we have started to use our handwriting books to form our letters on paper. So far we have been practising writing on whiteboards. We are learning how to write in cursive and each week we learn what is called a ‘family of letters’. This means that the letters are all similar. This week’s letters were ‘i’ ‘l’ ‘t’ ‘f’ and ‘j’. We are also learning how to write our name in cursive handwriting.

We have been continuing to rote count in 2’s this week and are getting much more confident at this. We used the Bee Bot on a number track to navigate it forwards, backwards, left and right to get to a certain number. We shared this activity really nicely and enjoy using the Bee Bot to help with our learning.




A new topic introduce this week was time. We looked at the class calendar and learnt a song about the days of the week. We looked at the seasons of the year and all the months of the year. Whilst looking at the months of the year we discussed when our birthdays are.

Next we looked at a teaching clock and learnt about the big hand and the little hand. We have been learning o’clock and half past and doing various activities linked to these times such as our daily routine and ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’?
We are lucky to have a visiting teacher every other Friday this term to teach us Gymnastics. Mrs Archer is a Gymnastics specialist and she came to teach us last Friday. In our PE lesson this week, Mrs Turrall repeated the lesson that we had with Mrs Archer to ensure that we were doing the shapes and positions correctly. We all really enjoy doing Gym and using the equipment in the hall.
Other Activities
Another idea we had from the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ was to paint our very own aliens. We had a lot of fun being creative and making silly aliens with lots of eyes or heads and antenna! Here they are:


That’s it for this week!
Please ensure the children are reading their reading books daily, no more than 15 minutes is required. The children are making excellent progress in reading and by reading with your child at home you are helping them to succeed.
Thank you