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Week Commencing 1st December 2014 - Poetry and Rhyme

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In English this term we have been looking at Poetry and Rhyme. We have looked at lots of rhyming books, nursery rhymes and a variety of poems to inspire us. We have also learnt about similies which has helped us when writing our own poems about the season of Winter. The children were introduced to an acrostic poem and were challenged to think of something beginning with each letter to write a sentence. We had a go at one together as a class and then the children had their own poem to create. The children are fast becoming very creative in their written work and have produced some fantastic poems. Here are a few examples of their acrostic poems:


W ooly hats are on in winter

I gloos are as cold as snow

N obody plays in the rain

T rees are bare

E verybody plays in the snow

R un in the puddles

By Tommy


S now is cold

N oses are red

O n the roof there is snow

W inter is filled with snow

M any snowmen are built

A nimals hibernate

N ow in Winter it is cold

By Marina


W inter snowman is staring

I gloos are cold

N obody comes outside

T rees are bare

E verybody is freezing

R ight up in the sky there is snow

By Malayka


S nowmen are freezing

N o people do not wrap up warm

O n the roof there is snow

W ow we are playing snowballs

M e and my mum like getting presents

A m I ready to get snowy?

N oses are cold

By Jasper


S nowmen are made of snow

N oses are cold

O n the ground there is snow

W inter is cold and snow comes down

M ost trees are bare

A snowman is fun to build

N ight time is really dark

By Henry


S now is as cold as ice

N oses are as cold as snow

O n the roof is snow

W inter is sparkly

M any snowflakes falls on the roof

A lot of children catch a cold

N early time for presents

By Emilia


W inter is cold

I cicles are sticky

N oses are as cold as icicles

T ea is hot in a nice warm cup

E agles are flying high

R ain is wet

By Miguel


I’m sure you will agree that the poems are fantastic!



We are really busy at the moment with preparations for the school production ‘Christmas Stars’. Performance dates are Thursday 11th December and Friday 12th December at 2pm.

Tuesday 16th December is the day of our Christmas lunch and Foo Fair for the children. Children can wear their party clothes and bring in £3.50 for the fair.

Friday 19th December is Mufti day where the children can wear their own clothes and we break up at 2pm! There will be no Tea Club on this day.


Merry Christmas!