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Week Commencing 17th March 2014 - Police Visit

This week we have continued to learn more names of the letters along with the sound and those letters were: ‘E’ ‘U’ ‘R’ and ‘H’. We have also looked at some new friendly letter sounds (‘igh’ ‘oa’ and ‘or’) as they have appeared in some of the words in our reading books and some words we wanted to write in our news had these sounds. We have continued to look at where capital letters appear including at the start of sentences, in names, days of the week, months of the year and places. We have also been looking at spelling words using friendly sounds we have learnt before as some revision.

This week we wrote weekend news in our writing books. The children are attempting to write more independently now and trying to sound out words using their phonic knowledge. Some children have worked hard on writing at home to accompany their holiday picture which is fantastic and is now on display in the classroom.

This week we have been revising addition and subtraction and reading number sentences carefully to ensure that they know what it is telling them to do. We have played some fun games that give us the opportunity to practise reading addition and subtraction questions and work out the answer. We have continued to look at number bonds to 10 and how they add up to make 10 and also the reverse at how we can see the answer quickly when we subtract from 10. We have also been learning about 1 less than a given number up to 10 e.g. 1 less than 5 = 4.
We have been learning a song about the days of the week and the months of the year which the children are familiar with now. Each day we change the calendar and the children are quickly identifying what the day is and also working out the date by looking at the number that is one more than the date of the previous day.

The children are still very interested in plants and we have monitored our cress which is now fully grown. The children have really taken to caring for the plants that we planted the previous week outside in the garden and have been taking it in turns to water them all. As the planting theme was still popular with the children, the hexagonal pit was transformed into a digging and potting patch for the children to play with using real garden tools. The children have really enjoyed this activity and have role played planting seeds and selling plants.
Another area the children wanted to explore with this topic was food! We looked at different foods that were eaten in various countries and discussed whether we had eaten any of these before. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to try some Spanish food which was made by Oliver and his mum at home. We tried Spanish omelette, chorizo, cheese and other meats. It was delicious!
The children were keen to paint some more flowers and wanted to make them to go in the outside garden to brighten it up. As it was a lovely sunny afternoon, the children painted outside in the garden and produced some lovely flower pictures as well as making butterfly pictures by painting one side of the paper and folding it over to make a symmetrical pattern.
In PE this week, we had another go on the large apparatus and revised all the positions that we had learnt in gymnastics to experiment when we were on the equipment. We learnt about the following positions: pike, tuck and straddle. We tried to do these in different ways on the different pieces of apparatus. We also remembered different ways of travelling such as forwards on our tummies or backwards on our bottoms! On each piece of equipment we were trying hard to keep our balance and gain confidence at letting go with one arm to form a balance.
Police Visit!
As part of our topic ‘The World Around Us’ we have been talking about all the different types of jobs that people do in the world and how people in these roles help us. We discussed teachers, doctors, dentists, post workers, police and many more. We were very fortunate to be able to have a visit from the police this week which was very exciting or should I say egg-citing! We had a road safety talk from a special road safety officer who spoke to use about wearing a helmet when we are on our bikes, scooters or skateboards. She showed us a demonstration using Mr Eggy (a real egg) wearing a helmet and what happened if he happened to fall off his bike with a helmet on. It was clear to see Mr Eggy came away unharmed. Next we were shown what would happen to Mr Eggy if he wasn’t wearing a helmet. The children could clearly see that Mr Eggy was quite injured and this highlighted the need to wear a helmet to ensure that their heads stay safe. We were also given a similar talk on the importance of wearing our seatbelts when sitting in a car and not to remove them until the car has stopped. After our safety talks, we were lucky enough to have a look at some of the police equipment and have a play with them which included wearing the handcuffs!
After our safety talks we were lucky enough to go outside and see some real life police vehicles! The policemen brought the road safety car which was quite large, a smaller police car and a police motorbike. There were also assortments of police hats which are used for different roles in the police which we could try on. The best part though was the opportunity to actually sit inside the police car and have a go at sitting on the motorbike! The policeman was very kind to let us play with the different buttons so we could switch the lights on and look at the sat nav to see where we were. Here we are enjoying the police vehicles:
That’s it for this week!