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Week Commencing 16th January 2015 - The Kiss that Missed


In Maths, we have been learning about the names 3D shapes and properties of each shape, meaning how many corners, edges and faces they each have. We have also been looking at which 3D shapes had some 2D shapes as their faces. We revised how to use a Venn diagram and sorted the shapes into categories:  curved faces, flat faces or both. We also experimented with the shapes to see which ones rolled, stacked and slided on one another.

We have also been learning about the days of the week and the months of the year and which order they go in. We linked the months of the year to previous learning of the Seasons in Science. We did soem activities to become familiar with the order of both the days of the week and the months of the year. We also learnt language such as yesterday, today and tomorrow as well as learning how many days were in 1 week and how many months in 1 year.


This week in English we have been looking at the story ‘The Kiss That Missed’ to tie in with our fantasy theme. The children started off the week by being sentence detectives. This meant that they were given a sentence in pairs to look at and they had no idea which story the sentence was from. The children had to use their imaginations and previous knowledge of fantasy stories that they have heard or read before to try and guess what the sentence could be about. The children loved this activity and came up with some great ideas! The next day the children were given some pictures from the book still not knowing what the story was. The children then had to think what could be happening in the picture and writing a sentence with their ideas.  Again the children had great fun doing this. On the last day, the book was finally revealed to them and they found it amusing to see what really happened and compared it to the ideas that they had. To finish off, we did some ‘hot seating’ which is where a child sits in the chair and pretends to be a character from the story. The other children ask some questions and the child in the hot seat is in character and can respond in role. The children enjoy this activity and allows their creativity and imagination to flow.



In Science this week we have started an experiment. As we are looking at plants and how they grow we used some cress seeds to see how they would best grow. We have got four trays to observe closely over the next week. We have two trays on the window sill one with water and one without. We have two trays in the cupboard in the dark, one with water and one without. The children were asked to make a prediction in their cress seed diaries to see which one they thought will grow the best. We will return to this as the cress develops to see if our predictions are correct!

In the meantime, the children are still tending to their daffodil bulbs and are thrilled to see them beginning to develop through the soil.


Clay with Mrs Mort

We have been lucky this week to have another visit from Mrs Mort to do clay. We have been busy making something very special for our Mum’s ready for Mother’s Day. We shall keep that a surprise!

Thats it for now! Please check back soon.


All children should now have an outside PE kit in school.

Maths Homework Books should be returned to school frequently for checking

Reading homework needs to be done each night for a maximum of 15 minutes