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Week Commencing 14th October 2013 - Autumn Activities

Welcome to Ash!

Here are all the activities we have been doing in Ash...

We have continued to talk about Harvest and the work that the Farmers do to bring us all the lovely fruit and vegetables we get to eat. We have been thinking about healthy eating and what foods are good for you and which are not so good but okay as a treat. We discussed the importance of drinking water and doing exercise as well. Mrs Turrall set us a challenge to see who could drink their whole bottle of water by the end of the day to receive a reward! Some of us managed to do this and we are continuing the challenge. We also discussed how many pieces of fruit a vegetables we should eat each day. Thinking about being healthy, we created our own healthy plates of food. Here are some of the pictures.

For our exercise this week, Mrs Turrall got out the large wall apparatus as we have progressed so well in our physical movements and behaved very well in PE. We continued to think about ways of travelling and went up, down and through the different areas of the large wall equipment. Here are some of the pictures of us enjoying using the equipment.
Continuing to look at the season of autumn, we learnt how to do some weaving using some autumnal colours. It was quite tricky to do but we concentrated really hard and managed to make some good weaving patterns. Here are some of our weaving masterpieces!
This week we have been learning to hear sounds in words which is called ‘blending.’ Mrs Turrall has been ‘sounding out’ words using a special robot called Metal Mike. When we get the word correct, Metal Mike eats the word! For example c-a-t we would all say ‘cat!’. To consolidate our learning in this we used the Bee Bots which are little robots we need to move to get to the correct place. We used a picture word mat where words were sounded out to us and we moved the Bee Bot to the correct word. We also played a game on the interactive whiteboard where we needed to match the correct word to the picture.

In number this week, we have been looking at numerals from 0-20 and ordering numbers from 0-10 from smallest to largest. We did it on the Smartboard with Mrs Turrall and then we used the laptops to do it ourselves. To play this game at home please click on the link below.




We got very creative this week! Firstly, we wanted to make ‘cakes’ so we were given lots of cooking utensils and objects to make some cakes and then Mrs Wilkinson made some dough with flour and water. We had great fun and this is what we did:

We had a lovely music lesson with Mrs Smith this week. We learnt how to use some of the instruments and had a lot of fun playing them.Lastly, Mike Burgess who is a chainsaw woodcarver visited our school as he is coming along to Oakfield’s 50th Anniversary open afternoon next Friday, 25th October. He came to see the tree bough that fell off one of the Oak trees on the field in the summer. We went out to meet him and see the large bough for ourselves. Mike is going to carve something special for us next week. He brought along one of his projects and we had a look at it on Friday. We all thought it was really clever and look forward to seeing what he makes next week!

Visit Mike’s website to see more of his work: http://www.mbchainsaw-art.co.uk/

Do come along to the open afternoon on Friday 25th October from 1.30pm through to 5pm!

Please check back soon to see what else we have been up to!