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Week Commencing 14th July 2014 - Last Days of Summer

Ash Class have been making the most of our last few days together by having lots of fun!

We started the week by going to the park! This was a special treat that the children have been working hard to get. Mrs Sendorek allowed us to go to the park as we were successful with every person being present in school for a week! We were very proud to achieve this and we had a fantastic time at the park (adults included!)
The children all helped to make some jelly ready for the class party. We had fun making jelly and discussed the science elements as well with the jelly being a solid and then turning into a liquid. We talked about steam from the kettle and what happens to the jelly when it’s put in the fridge. The children also used their senses to smell the jelly and some of us felt the cubes which were very sticky! Here we are making our jelly:
We had a little party to celebrate our year together and what a year it has been! We started off playing musical statues and then went on to play musical chairs. We had great fun dancing along to the music and then of course, we finished the party by eating our jelly or fruit!

Summer's Here

Summer's here!
Our first year of school is at an end.
We've learned a lot and grown a lot
and made a lot of friends.
We'll say goodbye,
now summer's here,
it's time for us to part.
But we'll remember all our friends
and keep them in our hearts.


We have watched your children learn and grow
And change from day to day.
I hope that all the things we've done
Have helped in some small way.
So it's with happy memories
We send them out the door,
With great hope and expectations
For what next year holds in store.


Mrs Turrall, Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Lewis