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Week Commencing 13th October 2014 - Apple Picking

Welcome back to Holly Class page! We have been very busy the last few weeks. We have been working very hard at remembering how to behave and work hard as a class and we finally managed to complete our Mr Potato Head! The final piece came from our excellent behaviour and singing when we visited the church for Harvest Festival on Tuesday 14th October. Here is our Mr Potato Head all complete! We are now starting a new one and trying to make this one look different!

As a treat for compelting Mr Potato Head, Mrs Turrall took us on an Autumn walk in the school grounds where we searched for apples on the apple trees on the field. We each picked an apple we liked the look of and then brought it back to the classroom. We all sketched our apples into our skecth books and also we weighed our apples to see how heavy they were. The lightest was Daisy’s apple which weighed 90 grams and the heaviest was Christopher’s apple which weighed 220 grams! After break we all took turns to peel our apples using a very special tool from Mrs Hart that cored, sliced and peeled the apple! Some of us had fun with our apples as it looked like a spring! We put all our apples into two saucepans and we stewed them over lunch and tucked into yummy warm apple just before home time! Some of us really like the stewed apple and some were not so keen but Mrs Turrall was proud the children had a try to taste it. Here we are enjoying our special treat:

ILC Day Projects – ‘H is for Holidays’

Last week we enjoyed all the lovely projects we had been busy creating at home and there really were some wonderful ideas! Here are just a few to share with you:

History – The Victorians

We have been continuing our learning on the Victorians in preparation for our school trip to the Victorian School on Thursday 23rd October. We are really enjoying learning about what life was like in the Victorian times and what it was like going to school. For one lesson we learnt about the games that children liked to play in the Victorian era and we had a go at playing them, the cup and ball was particularly hard but we all enjoyed learning how to play hopscotch. Here are some pictures of us playing some old games:

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