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Week Commencing 10th February 2014 - Science Week

Well hasn’t this half term just whizzed by! We have done lots of wonderful learning this half term and have really enjoyed ourselves. We have ended the term with a great week and here are all the activities we have been doing...

This week we have been doing lots of revision of all the sounds we have been learning this term. We have been doing lots of word building with all the sounds and going back over all the red words we have looked at this term and last term. The children have played lots of phonics games that have encouraged them to blend sounds together including the ‘Trash and Treasure’. This game has lots of words on coins that are buried for the children to find but the aim of the game is to decide whether the word on the coin is real or nonsense, therefore putting the coin in the treasure chest if real or in the bin if nonsense. We played ‘Pass the Word’ where we passed a bag of words around the circle to music, a bit like pass the parcel. When the music stopped that person took a card and blended the word!  We are getting much more confident at this skill now and are confident to attempt blending new words as our sound knowledge has really improved. 
An online version of the game can be played at home. Please click on the link and go into Phase 3.

The story of the week this week has been ‘Handa’s Surprise’. This fits in with our topic on ‘Let’s Travel’ as Handa travels to see her friend in another village in Africa. We have touched on this book before due to our topic on Africa last term. However, this time we linked it to another topic as well. This week throughout the school has been Science Week and we have been looking at the senses. Therefore we used Handa’s Surprise as a base for looking at the sense of smell and taste. All the lovely fruits that were in the story we got to have a look at and smell the different fruits and then try some to see how they tasted. More on the senses topic below....

This week we have continued to do some writing in our handwriting books. This week’s ‘family of letters’ were: ‘b’, ‘g’, ‘y’, ‘p’ and ‘q’.

The children have continued to take part in guided group reading in a small group this week reading a variety of texts which are either fiction or non-fiction. The children are starting to think about which type of book they are reading and if it will give them information or be a made up story.

This week we have continued to start our lessons with rote counting up to 100 and counting in 2s which is becoming very strong.
We have revised 2D and 3D shapes this week. Naming the shapes in each group and remembering that 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are solid. We also tried to remember the properties of the shapes by saying how many corners, sides, edges and faces the shapes had.
We have continued to work on addition this week and are really enjoying this area of mathematics. As passing the ‘magic bag’ around in phonics to music was so fun, we did the same thing but with addition sums inside! Each time the music stopped that person read out the number sentence and then worked out the total on their fingers. This was a lot of fun and we got all the addition questions correct!
Science Week
As mentioned above, Handa’s Surprise played a part in Science Week when we looked at the senses smell and taste. We got to learn about some nice new fruits some of us hadn’t seen before such as a passion fruit and avocado pear. We passed the fruits around the circle to feel what the texture was like and tried to use a word to describe them. The pineapple was described as ‘spiky’ and ‘bumpy’. We passed around the big bowl of pineapple and enjoyed tasting it and described it as ‘sweet’ and ‘delicious’. We also tasted some mango and banana. Here we are enjoying the fruits:
Blind Obstacle
In PE this week, we used blindfolds and relied on our sense of hearing and the trust of our guide to get us around the hall safely. We spoke about what it was like to be blindfolded and came up with the words ‘dark’, ‘scary’ and ‘hard’. We reflected on people that are not as fortunate as us and do not have their sense of sight and how we can recognise blind people. We know now if we see people with sticks and guide dogs we need to be aware that they cannot see us and to be careful. Here we are trying to get around the hall blindfolded:
Feely Boxes
For the sense of touch we were faced with some intriguing boxes with mysterious things inside! Mrs Turrall put a blindfold on us and guided us towards a box where we bravely put our arms inside to feel around. We could feel something that was ‘slimy’ and something that was ‘sticky’ and something that was ‘cold’. The thing that was slimy made us laugh a lot as everyone that touched it got a mucky hand! When everyone had had a turn, we tried to guess what things we had been touching and only managed to guess the sticky one which was...jelly! The other two boxes had some cold cooked spaghetti and the slimy one was...baked beans! Here we are enjoying the feely boxes:
Special Delivery
Ash children have been busy making a surprise to send home this week. We carefully put our surprises in envelopes and attached our own stamp as well. The intention was to travel to the post box to post the letters ourselves but unfortunately due to rain we were unable to venture out without getting soaked! Here we are preparing our envelopes. I wonder if you can guess what it could be....enjoy your surprise when it arrives!

Barney Bear

The children are very excited about Barney Bear and are anxiously awaiting their turn to take him home. On Monday Barney came back to school with Nadaa and shared all the lovely activities they had done together including going to Windsor Castle. He is very much looking forward to his next adventure.
That’s it for this half term! Have a lovely holiday and we will see you after the break!


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  • Please ensure PE kit is returned after half term

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