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From Miss Ibrahim and Mrs Knaggs

7th November 2019


We concluded last term looking at discussion texts, and began with whether or not Daleks should be allowed to live on earth? And if the Time Lord should retire? The children ended the unit with writing about a topic of their choice. We hope you enjoy reading the discussion text below (which was written by a pupil in class!) as much as we enjoyed our Doctor Who themed unit!


Should children be allowed to bring their pets into school?

Since the arrival of pets, everyone all over the world has been discussing if children should be allowed to bring their pets into school.

It's believed that the children can learn and see about pets. Also, it will be fun to feed them and see them move. Furthermore, you can play with them and feed them as well.

On the other hand, children can be allergic to pets. Additionally, rough animals could hurt children. Moreover, they could ruin something in the classroom.

We have come to the conclusion that we should bring pets into school. However, you can't bring a rough or an aggressive pet into school.


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