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From Mrs Manwaring and Mrs Knaggs


27th May 2021


What a fantastic term we have had in Sycamore! I am so proud of what we have achieved as a class since Easter and am really pleased of the progress that has been made.


In English we have used dragons as our focus. We looked for evidence of dragons in our school forest (we found dragon scales, a dragon’s tooth and a discarded bone) and wrote poems about what we had found. We practised persuasive writing through writing adverts for dragon catchers. Finally, we learnt a story where the main character meets a dragon, and used the language features to write our own story where the main character is met by an unusual creature.


In Maths we have worked so hard on understanding fractions, and have discovered how helpful bar models can be in understanding fraction problems. We know how important it is to think about what we know and what we need to find out, and identify the parts and the whole before solving a problem. We have also learnt about commutative and distributive law (we like using big mathematical words!).


We have been exploring living things in Science. We understand what living things are and have learnt how to group and classify them using branching diagrams.


Sycamore have really enjoyed their Maya history topic this term, and have particularly enjoyed the related art projects where we designed and made Maya masks, and had a go at paper plate weaving. Watch this space for photos of our finished work!


Finally, we were lucky enough to be the first class to go to an external sporting event this week! We took part in the Windsor Schools Cross Country competition which took place at The Windsor Boys’ School. We were not able to run with children from other schools, so had to wait with baited breath for the results as they compared all of the times. We were so pleased to find out that Sycamore boys had come in 3rd place and Sycamore girls had come in 2nd place! What a great achievement! I was so proud of the whole class for the way that they entered into the event. I know that many were apprehensive about the run, but everyone joined in and took part without complaining, and really pushed themselves to do their best. I really could not be more proud of their efforts. Well done everyone! A great way to end a brilliant term.

Have a wonderful half term break everyone!

Mrs Manwaring

Updated 18th March 2021

Sycamore class PE days - Summer Term (2) 2021

Our PE days are Wednesday & Thursday


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Social Distancing at Oakfield

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Mrs Hull reads 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?'

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