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Sycamore Investigates Oakfield History

Sycamore Investigates the History of Oakfield.....

On Thursday 10th October 2013, Stephanie Lewis and Alice Lepage from the Windsor Museum came to visit us and teach us about creating an oral history project.  They trained us to use the recording equipment and what types of questions we could ask people to get the most out of them.  We are all set to interview you on Friday 25th October 2013 for Oakfield's Golden Jubilee Open Day and look forward to seeing you.

A few questions to get you started....

We got our school name from the Oakfield oaks.  One of the boughs of the trees fell down recently so we have had to have the trees cut back.

What were the oaks like when you were at school?

Were there any other trees on the school site?

Were you allowed to climb on the trees or play around them?

We play lots of instruments.  All of the children in Year 3 and 4 learn an orchestral instrument.  We all play the recorder and we have a handbell group.  We have lots of percussion instruments.

What musical instruments did you play at Oakfield?

What is your favourite instrument?

Do you still play any instruments that you started playing at Oakfield?


What music lessons can you remember?

This is a log that we like to play on.

Was there a log when you were at school.  If so, were you allowed to play on it?

What games did you like to play in the playground?

We enjoy hot summer days in our swimming pool.

Was there a pool when you were at Oakfield?

Do you remember going in the swimming pool?

Do you remember the swimming pool being built?

We have lots of entrances to Oakfield.  There is the original entrance from 1963 now used for Breakfast and Tea Club, the children's entrance and the grown ups entrance which was built in 2011.

Where did you come in when you were at Oakfield?