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Summer Term - Week 6 (Odds Farm)

Saplings’ Trip to Odds Farm 3.6.15

On Wednesday 3rd June Saplings went on a visit to Odds Farm. We travelled by coach and when we arrived we headed straight for the sheep racing! We each chose a sheep to support and collected a ticket to remind us which one we had chosen. There was Lady Baa Baa, Gordon Ramsey, Aah Bisto, The Woolinator and Ewesain Bolt. Gordon Ramsey won the race and the children (and adults!) who were cheering for him each won a prize.

After sheep racing it was time for lunch in our marquee. We sat in our trip groups and talked about the animals we had spotted on the farm so far.


Next we went into the animal barn to feed the sheep and goats. We put some food onto our hands and the animals came and licked the food off – it was very wet and tickly! Whilst we were in the animal barn we also got the chance to see a cow being milked which was really interesting.

We washed our hands and had a quick play in the sandpit whilst we waited for our turn on the tractor ride.

The tractor ride was good fun but really bumpy. We saw lots more different animals including pigs, cows, donkeys and chickens.

After the tractor ride we went to the goat show which was funny because some of the goats were being naughty and taking the wrong food!


We had just enough time for a quick explore in the maze before heading back to the coach. The maze was exciting because we had to try and find lots of lost baby animals.

We then got back on the coach for a (quieter!) journey back to school. Phew, what a fun and busy day!