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Summer Term - Week 5

Week commencing 18th May


This week in Ash class we have finished off our topic on dinosaurs by putting together a dinosaur museum and we have begun our next topic of “Farm” ready for our school trip to Odds Farm after half term.


In maths we have been learning how to make adding up easier by putting the first number in our heads and counting on from it. We have also looked at bigger numbers on a hundred square and talked about the differences between odd and even numbers.


In literacy we have been reading lots of dinosaur stories and fact books and we have been practising writing complete sentences.

In the messy area this week we have been busy digging for fossils and bones and we made some paper mache mini beasts too.

Outside we have been looking after our plants and playing some imaginative small world games as well as doing lots of dressing up and performing on our stage.

We had stick insects in school on Tuesday and we were really interested to find about them and observe them in their tank.

Next week…


Is half term so enjoy!

When we come back to school we will be having a week of learning about farms before moving on to our summer term topic of “Just Add Water”.


At home…

Please continue to read with us every night and help us spot those digraphs and tricky trigraphs!


Please do lots of counting, adding and subtracting practise with us at home over the holidays and help us to see maths in everyday situations. Our focus next term will be on solving problems using our maths (e.g. how can we share the fruit out fairly?) so lots of maths talk and reasoning will help us to develop these skills.


Keeping a half term holiday diary will help us to develop our writing and communication skills and will also give us something to share back at school with our teachers and friends.


Have a super break and don’t forget to check back soon!

Ash Class x