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Summer Term - May 2016 Part 1



On Friday, we went to Woolley Firs to spend the day outside learning about plants. This has been our topic in Science this term, so we were excited to find out more. One of the first things we learnt about was the way that different seeds are dispersed. Here we are examining a range of seeds. We were very surprised to find out that the large brown shell that looks like a coconut is in fact the pod for a brazil nut!

After that, we went outside on a seed safari. This included the chance to create a newspaper pot and to plant our own seeds to bring home.


The last thing that we did before lunch was to learn about bees and why they’re important for plants. We found out that the bees transfer pollen between plants when they are collecting pollen for their hives, and this is how seeds are made. To help us remember this, we played the Buzzy Bee game. Some of us dressed up as flowers…

…and some of us as bees!

The bees had to collect pollen from the flowers and return it to their hives. Here they are in action:

In the afternoon, we had fun blindfolding each other and taking the blindfolded partner to a tree and allowing them to touch it. They then took their blindfold off to see if they could identify the tree. Finally, we used keys, both on paper and phones, to see if we could identify different trees in the woods. Overall, it was an amazing day with beautiful weather and we definitely learnt a lot more about plants!