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Summer Term (9)


This week has been a bit less chaotic than last week however we have still got lots done. We have started our story telling unit in English and are focusing on the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff (to go with our bridges topic). Lots of the children have already heard this story and this has allowed us to go into more depth about the settings and characters. On Monday, the children acted out the story, using percussion instruments to add effect.

In Maths, we have been looking at shapes and their properties. We have particularly focused on the different lines; vertical, horizontal, diagonal, parallel and perpendicular. On Thursday, we took advantage of the warm weather and went outside to find examples of these.

In History, Geography and PSHE, we have been discovering more about the Magna Carta. We looked at what it changed in Britain and we will be creating our own shields to depict ourselves.