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Summer Term (8)


What a busy week we have had this week!


On Tuesday, we had our first Dads into School session. We looked at different bridges from our local area and looked at the shapes and structures used. Then, we used this knowledge to design our own bridges.

On Wednesday morning, the children and dads had the challenge to build a bridge across the tables using 20 straws and sellotape.

The finished bridges looked excellentand I think we have some budding builders and engineers in our class! We then tested our bridges by placing coins onto the bridge and seeing how much weight it could hold. Lots of the bridges held up to £3!

Thank you to all the dads and grandads that came to help Chestnut Class build bridges. It was lovely to see the children working in teams with their friends and family.


After our busy morning with our dads and grandads, it was Sports Day! We had ten activities and were put into teams. The children worked well and particularly towards the end were very supportive of their peers. I have to admit, having ten activities and it being my first Oakfield Sports Day, I had a lot to get my head around but with a great group of children, parents and Mrs Knaggs to support me, it was a lovely (if a little warm) afternoon!

We had lots of different races themed around the Rugby World Cup.

There were lots of parents and family there to support us.

We had to drink lots of water to keep us hydrated.                   

At the end of the day, the children completed their running races. There was even a toddler’s race which was lovely to see.


Thank you to everyone who came to support Chestnut Class, whether this was during Dads into School Day or Sports Day.