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Summer Term (8)

So, what a busy week once again. This half term seems to be flying by.

We send special thanks to Windsor Girls School this week.

Firstly, they invited us to watch them do a dress rehersal for their amazing

Wizard of Oz production. Which I have to say, was absolutely fantastic!

They have some incredibly talented pupils and it was a pleasure to see them

in action!


The following day we were back at WGS for some DT. The children

had invented their Fritata in groups of four. The decided on various vergetables,

herbs, cheeses ect. Every single one of our class took part and tasted their

Fritata, despite some claiming to dislike eggs and various other ingredients.

In most cases, I'd never seen them eat anything so quickly.


Myself and Mr Bednar can clarify that the Fritatas were indeed delicious! ;-)

Also special thanks to our student who came to us on work experience from

Windsor Boys school, Luke Bartoletti. you were a fantastic assett and we really

enjoying having you here. Good luck with everything for the future.


Have a great week.

From all in Sycamore