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Summer Term (7)

Well we've had a relatively quiet week this week, compared to recent ones,

which has been welcomed in this heat.


Last week the children all bought in a teddy or favourite soft toy. We used

the teddies to create a list of data and to corolate a bar graph to show our findings.

Some children used how many different types of soft toy, some used how many

different colours there were.


This week we used the collected data along with Excel. The children input their

results into the Excel spreadsheet. From this thez were then shown how to

the transform their results to a bar graph on screen with a few clicks of their

mouse. Needless to say, they were verz impressed with the themselves and the

outcome. I wonder if they can remember how to do it at home?


We had another lovely FACT assembly this morning, so thank zou to Avril for that,

we always find them very thought provoking!


So some of our class, along with Cedar have gone to the Ultimate Frisbee competition this afternoon.


We wish them well and are looking forward to finding out how they did on Monday.

We hope you all have a fabulous, but safe weekend in the beautiful sunshine.


From Sycamore.



Swimming first thing on Monday morning.

Barn dance from 6pm on Thursday.