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Summer Term (6)

We are now in our final term of the year and have lots of exciting events coming up. This week, it felt like Summer was definitely on its way as the children had their first swimming lesson. From the splashing and giggles coming from the pool, I think the children are throughly enjoying their swiming lessons. The children must have their swimming costumes, swimming hats, flip flops and towels on a Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who remembered this week.


In English, we have continued with the Kate Greenaway Project. This week and next, we are focusing on a text called ‘Jim’s Lion’. It is always interesting to hear the childrens’ ideas about new books and whilst hotseating ‘Jim’, the childen came up with some imaginative questions and answers.

In the text, a young boy named Jim shares his dreams. Some of them are funny whilst others show his fears however with his finder, he is safe to return to his family. Can you remember any of your dreams this week? Were they pleasant dreams? What would your finder animal be and why?


In Geography, we have been discussing tourism in Windsor. There are many wonderful tourist attractions in Windsor and it has been lovely to discuss what the children have done within Windsor during their holidays and weekends.

The children have created posters to advertise some of these attractions.