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Summer Term (5)

On Monday 18th May, Year 3 went to the Lookout Centre in Bracknell. The coach arrived and we set off. It didn’t take long to get there and we saw some familiar sites along the way, inclduing Legoland.


When we arrived, we were met by two ladies who worked at the centre. Birch went for their workshop first so Chestnut went to explore the science areas. There were four main areas, the ‘Build It’ section, the water section, the forces and movement section and the body section. The children were split into four groups and spent some time in each section.

After we had fun in the science areas, we went into the classroom to have our workshop. It was called ‘Bugs and Beasties’ and built on our knowledge and understanding from Environmental Week. We first discussed minibeasts and dressed up as an ant!

We also discussed food chains and some of our children were able to dress up as part of the food chain!

Then, we went out for our minibeast hunt. Unfortnetly it was quite wet so most minibeasts were hiding however we did find wood ants, aphids, frog hoppers, spiders and more.

After our minibeast hunt, we had our lunch in the marquee as it was still raining. Then we went back into the Science areas and some also went into the gift shop.

We had a wonderful trip and there were lots of smiling but tired faces on the coach home.