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Summer Term (4)

This week has been our Environmental Week and we have had such fun! On Monday, we began our environment themed week with a minibeast hunt and pond dipping. We looked in different areas of the school for minibeasts catching them in pots and studying them through magnifying glasses. Then, we had a discussion about the habitats and why we found different minibeasts in different areas. This weekend, go into your garden and see what minibeasts you can find. Can you find any different ones to school?

During pond dipping, the children worked with Mrs Knaggs and Mrs Cockman. There were tadpoles, water boatman and even a small newt! We were able to catch the newt and so every child was able to have a look.

We have even been studying minibeasts in Maths! We have been using a variety of graphs and tables to present information including pictograms and bar graphs. On Friday, we have been sorting minibeasts into Carroll Diagrams. The children worked fantastically in groups discussing features of different minibeasts and then sorted them.

There have been a variety of art projects running throughout the week which I am sure you will see appear at home within the next few weeks (we will be keeping some for a display but they will be returned eventually!). The children designed cushions and in the process of stuffing and sewing these. Children have also designed and painted their own minibeasts. Their creations have been very imaginative and the world would be a very colourful place if these existed!


On Monday, we will be continuing with our environmental theme and visiting the Lookout Centre. Please remember to wear appropriate clothing for the weather and to bring a packed lunch.