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Summer Term (4)

We're going on a ..............Dragon hunt!


So, we are back from half term and straight into our Dragon project.


We've learnt so much already. Amazingly, we had a visit from real life Dragonoligist, Mr Antonio Berkoff as seen in the photographs.

He took us round the Oakfield grounds looking for signs that Dragons may well inhibit here. Our findings were very interesting indeed!


We found several scorch marks, foot prints, part of a baby Dragon shell, and what we believe to be Dragon droppings.


Sycamore class are now creating their own Dragons, along with an identity card for them. Some of them are incredibly fierce and scary looking, with only the odd friendly one.


Preparations have been underway behind the scenes, for the Isle of Wight evening. We very much look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm.


Have a great weekend!

From all in Sycamore.