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Summer Term - 3rd July 2015


We have completed a very eclectic range of activities in Birch class this week! In Science, we have continued to learn about rocks. This week, we looked at how we can sort rocks into different categories according to their properties. We were also very lucky that Miss Hill leant us a large piece of slate that had separated into its layers so that we could have a look at the way that this rock was formed. It also helped us to understand how slate could be used to make roof tiles.


In English, we have continued to prepare for our story writing work. We learnt about speech marks, and had a lot of fun imagining what we would say if an elephant appeared on the playground! We then looked at what our friends had said and learnt how to punctuate it with speech marks. Next week, we are going to focus on creating an interesting setting for our story.


As part of the Geography curriculum, we have learnt how to make sketch maps. We spent Thursday afternoon creating detailed sketch maps of Birch class. Here are some pictures of the Birch cartographers in action!