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Summer Term - 26th June 2015


After the excitement of last week, we have settled back into our normal routines this week in Birch. In English, we are learning how to develop settings, characters and plots to create successful stories. We started off by thinking about some of the fairy tales that we knew well, and decided to learn and perform Billy Goats Gruff to our friends. We even used different percussion instruments to create sound effects! Here are some action shots from our rather noisy rehearsals!

We have looked at lots of different types of bridges, and worked hard to describe them so that we can use these ideas when we create the settings for our stories. When we’ve finished them, check the website again to read some of our work.


Our latest topic in Science is Rocks. On Wednesday, we had a variety of different activities to explore this topic further. We learnt about the three different types of rock (metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous) and then did some research using different websites. We also had the opportunity to examine different rocks with magnifying glasses before carefully sketching what we had seen. We also donned some glamorous safety equipment and looked at which rocks we could scratch and then ordered a variety according to how hard they were. We noticed that sedimentary rocks appeared to be softer than other kinds. Here are some photographs of scientists in action!